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Any smart meter is an important component of a grid solar power plant, because it plays the role of a counter. But this device is especially relevant for such SES, which are intended for powering industrial-type objects, or for own consumption. The DTSU666-HW smart meter from Huawei is widely popular on the market. It is distinguished by an affordable price and high technical characteristics. Designed to work in a three-phase network, so it is mainly used for home or small business.

The device has the ability to monitor generated power, consumed reactive or active power, real-time monitoring of network and station parameters.

The range of input voltage (phase) is from 52V to 577V. The value of the input current is up to 80A. Accuracy of measurements: voltage – ±0.5%, current – ±1%, frequency – ±0.01Hz.

The peculiarity of the device is that it can work with current transformers up to 1000A.

How to use:

  • ​In an ordinary home and industrial network. Sometimes the network requires limiting the active power at a particular point. The meter collects information about its power and, accordingly, controls the output power of the inverter. It is advisable to use such a meter when connected to a home, office, or production network of a battery system to increase the network’s own capacity.

Mounted on a DIN35 rail. The weight is 0.5 kg, the dimensions are 100x72x80mm. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (-25 Co to +60 Co).


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