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DTSU 666-H 250 A

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The Huawei DTSU666-H 250A/50mA smart meter is a three-phase multifunctional device used to measure characteristics in a low-voltage network. It is an important component of the accounting node of domestic and commercial solar power plants and other alternative energy facilities. The use of this device is relevant in the presence of both own consumption and generation to the external network.

Main characteristics:

  • nominal voltage 230 V/400 V AC;
  • line voltage range – from 304 to 499;
  • U phase range – from 176 to 288;
  • input current 0-250 A;
  • measurement accuracy: voltage – ±0.5%, current and energy – ±1%, frequency – ±0.01 Hz;
  • network configuration – 3P4W or 3P3W;
  • working temperature -40 degrees. ~ +70 degrees.

The Huawei DTSU666-H 250A/50mA meter has the following features:

  • built-in fuse and thermistor protect against external short circuits;
  • smart meter can limit generation according to own consumption — excess energy will not be transferred to the network;
  • wireless real-time data transmission is provided via the RS-485 communication interface;
  • intelligent monitoring of basic electrical quantities – active/reactive power, current, voltage of a three-phase alternating current network;
  • LCD display, easy setting and convenient checking;
  • easy installation on a standard 35 mm2 DIN rail.

Huawei DTSU666-H 250A/50mA is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.


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