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Longi LR5-66HTH 525W

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Longi’s 525W Hi-MO 6 solar panels are an efficient solution for increasing electricity generation capacity, offering an excellent power-to-size ratio and achieving an impressive efficiency of 22%.

Thanks to the innovative use of full reverse welding, these panels demonstrate exceptional resistance to microcracks, which significantly increases their service life and reliability.

One of the key advantages is the high performance of Hi-MO 6, which is achieved thanks to the comprehensive modernization of HPBC elements and modules. This not only increases the overall power output, but also does so at maximum efficiency.

At the same time, the aesthetic design of Hi-MO 6 from Longi provides an opportunity to disprove the idea of what a photovoltaic module should look like. Its appearance is perfectly combined with any architectural style, giving a modern and aesthetic look to any object.

All these advantages make the Longi Hi-MO 6,525 kW solar panels the most profitable solution for those who are looking for highly efficient, reliable and aesthetic equipment to generate their own electricity.


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