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Fronius BackUp Power Box

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An electrical failure is always inconvenient, a fast excavator and a crack – the whole street goes dark. Even if you don’t really want to plan for such a situation, the technical possibility of an autonomous backup power source creates an unheard of sense of security. After all, the own photovoltaic plant automatically switches to autonomous mode and provides all important consumers.

Product advantages:

• On all-pole disconnection + FRT function for Austria

• Fronius Smart Meter TS65A-3 integrated counter

• It is possible to switch the complete connection of the house

Product features:

• Max. thermal power: 20.0 kW

• Acceptable grid types: TT (after consultation with VNB), TN-S

• AC connection: spring terminal

• Max. Cable cross-section: 16 mm²

Degree of protection: IP 65

• Dimensions: 600 x 315 x 155 mm (H x W x D)

•Weight: 11.0 kg

• Applicable with: Symo Gen24 plus 6.0 / 8.0 / 10.0


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