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Huawei SUN2000-100KTL-M2


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HUAWEI SUN 2000-100KTL-M2 is a highly efficient three-phase string current converter specially designed for large commercial and industrial solar power plants. With its 100 kW output, this inverter is ideal for both ground and rooftop PV installations.

The main function of a solar inverter is to convert the direct current received from the solar panels into an alternating current suitable for input into the general electrical network or for powering end users. While accelerating the performance of photovoltaic fields, the HUAWEI SUN 2000-100KTL-M2 also monitors system parameters, ensuring equipment safety.

Main characteristics of HUAWEI SUN 2000-100KTL-M2:

Current conversion efficiency: Provides a high level of current conversion efficiency from 98.4% to 98.6% according to European Union standards.

Input Voltage: The maximum input voltage is 1100V and the starting voltage is 200V.

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) trackers: Equipped with 10 MPPTs and 20 inputs, allowing you to effectively track and maximize solar energy production.

Maximum current for MPRT: Each MPRT supports a maximum current of 26 A and a no-load current of 40 A.

MRRT operating voltage range: Wide range of MRRT operating voltage from 200V to 1000V.

Power: The nominal active power is 100 kW, and the maximum is 110 kW.

HUAWEI SUN 2000-100KTL-M2 is a reliable and productive solution for solar power plants that combines high power and advanced technologies to ensure stable and efficient operation.


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