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Deye SUN-12K-SG04LP3-EU

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The Deye SUN-12K-SG04LP3-EU inverter is distinguished by a number of competitive advantages covering both technical, software and functional characteristics.

One of the key features of the inverter is the presence of two MPPT trackers, which allows you to connect two separate arrays of solar panels. This makes it possible to optimally distribute the load between the eastern and western slopes of the roof or between different installations of panels on the roof and on the ground. With a total MPPT current from the panels of 26A + 13A and an MPPT range of 200 to 650V, the inverter ensures efficient operation of the solar power plant.

The inverter also impresses with the ability to work in single-phase and three-phase systems in the mode of parallel connection of up to 16 units. This allows you to flexibly adjust the system to the specific needs and dimensions of the energy facility.

The hybrid mode of operation, compatibility with different types of batteries and an intelligent protection system make the Deye SUN-12K-SG04LP3-EU inverter an ideal choice for creating an efficient solar power plant. The possibility of selling excess energy at a “green” tariff and compatibility with an intelligent meter provides additional flexibility and control over generation.

The intelligent protection system ensures the safety of the inverter operation by reacting to overload, overvoltage and short circuit. In addition, the inverter reacts quickly to arc faults, which provides an additional level of safety.

The Deye SUN-12K-SG04LP3-EU inverter has a 5-year official warranty from the manufacturer, which emphasizes the reliability and quality of the product.


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