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Fronius Symo 12.5-3-M


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The Fronius Symo 12.5-3-M network inverter is a new line of three-phase inverters for small photovoltaic systems. Due to the high maximum voltage of the system, a wide range of input voltage, the possibility of working indoors and outdoors, simplicity and ease of installation, Fronius Symo 12.5-3-M inverters are optimally suitable for wide application in a number of systems – starting with the classic version of a small system on the roof and ending with systems with a higher power level. This inverter is an ideal solution for installations designed for the sale of electricity under the “Green” tariff with a capacity of 3 to 20 kW, which determines their use both for photovoltaic systems of private houses and for industrial solar power plants.

Each Fronius network inverter is built on the basis of the following technologies:

A unique system of replacement of spare parts – design of printed circuit boards, which allows to produce a quick replacement, which allows to carry out service of inverters as quickly as possible.

The SnapINverter installation system is specially designed to simplify installation: the connection unit and the power unit are separated and their installation is done separately. First, the connection block is mounted, to which all the necessary contacts are connected: photo modules, network, information line are connected. Then, on the mounted module, which is also the installation node of the inverter, the power unit – the inverter is “hung”. Such a system is as user-friendly as possible during installation and maintenance. The inverter is simply located and fixed on the wall communication node. To carry out service operations, there is no need to dismantle the inverter – only the power unit. All connections, settings and configuration parameters remain in place.

Built-in WLAN interface. Fronius is the first manufacturer to implement this technology in an inverter. Thus, there is no need for additional cables for informational connection of the inverter.

The SuperFlex development concept is the development of all systems with a single form in mind. MRR trackers combine a high input voltage and, at the same time, a wide range of input voltages. Each DC input, MPR tracker, respectively, can provide the nominal output parameters of the inverter independently. As a result, the flexibility of solar system design: one inverter can work with roof sections in different orientations; one or two shaded thongs; use of residual modules.

DynamicPeakManager is a new advanced peak power tracking algorithm that dynamically adapts its tracking mechanism depending on the previous conditions. A feature of the algorithm is finding the global point of maximum performance even with partial shading of the photofield.

Support for “smart” networks of the future. The inverter is technically equipped to meet the requirements of the networks of the future, when the component of alternative sources becomes significant.


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