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Deye BOS-G HV kit 61 kW


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The Deye BOS-G battery is a high-voltage lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) battery with modular design, safety, reliability and intelligent BMS.

The battery can have a capacity of 20.48-61.44 kWh and consist of 4 to 12 modules. Maintenance is provided by advanced plug and play connection methods. It provides impeccable safety and performance stability, making it an excellent choice for use in home and commercial solar power plants.

Communication interface: CAN, RS485, Ethernet, Wi-Fi.

Cycle life: up to 6000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge.

Storage technology: lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery, supercapacitors.

AKB was created by a Chinese company that specializes in the production of energy storage systems. The Deye BOS-G battery is designed for use in residential and commercial solar power systems, providing backup power during blackouts or periods of low sunlight.


• High energy density: The battery is able to store a large amount of energy in a compact form factor. This makes it ideal for use in residential and commercial spaces where space is at a premium.
• Long service life: the Deye BOS-G battery guarantees many years of operation with a resource of up to 6000 cycles. This means that it can be charged and discharged thousands of times before its capacity begins to degrade.
• Fast charging: Deye BOS-G battery supports fast charging. Charging time is about 2.5 hours. It can be quickly charged during periods of high solar activity, ensuring back-up power when needed.
• Modular design: the battery consists of several separate blocks. This makes it easy to replace and repair damaged units instead of replacing the entire battery.
• Intelligent control module: the battery is equipped with an intelligent control module, which ensures safety and stable operation. The module monitors current and voltage to help prevent overload, overdischarge and short circuit.
• High-tech materials: Deye BOS-G uses high-tech materials, including lithium iron phosphate battery and supercapacitors.
• Durable body: The body of the Deye BOS-G battery pack is made of durable and reliable material, which provides protection against damage, moisture and dust.


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