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Deye RW-M6.1 (6.14kW) 48V LiFePO4

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The lithium-iron-phosphate rechargeable battery Deye RW-M6.1 (48V, 120A, 6.15 kWh, IP65) from the Deye company is intended for use in solar power plants. Ideal for residential buildings and commercial facilities. Thanks to its high depth of discharge of up to 90% without loss of performance, this LiFePO4 battery stands out for its exceptional efficiency.

The Deye RW-M6.1 battery provides reliability, high efficiency, power density and long service life. Its intelligent battery management system (BMS) guarantees complete risk protection.

Applications of this battery include storage of electricity generated by solar panels or other renewable energy sources. With its capacity of 6.1 kWh, it can serve as a power source for home networks or electrical devices.

Deye RW-M6.1 has a low level of self-discharge, which guarantees long-term energy conservation. Its high charging and discharging efficiency helps to extend the service life. Compact size and low weight make it easy to install and transport.

The Deye RW-M6.1 battery can be used as a standalone power supply system or in combination with other sources such as solar panels or generators. It can also serve as a backup power source for critical devices such as medical equipment or security systems.

For efficient charge and discharge management, it is recommended to use a special charge control device (Charge Controller). Various battery monitoring and remote control functions are also possible.

Overall, the Deye RW-M6.1 battery pack is a reliable, versatile and highly efficient solution for a variety of power needs.


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