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Huawei SUN2000-15KTL-M5


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HUAWEI SUN2000-15KTL-M5 is a solar inverter from the well-known manufacturer Huawei, designed to optimally convert solar energy into alternating current for use in residential and commercial solar energy systems.

Power: The inverter has a power of 15 kW, making it ideal for medium and large solar power systems, providing a high output current.

Efficiency: High conversion efficiency helps maximize energy production from photovoltaic panels.

Reliability: the Huawei brand is known for the reliability of its technologies, and this inverter is no exception. It has a durable construction and a built-in protection system against dangerous conditions such as high temperatures, humidity and overvoltages.

Convenient control: The inverter control interface is intuitive and allows you to conveniently configure operating modes, monitor performance, and remotely control via a mobile app or web interface.

Modern design: The compact and modern design of the inverter allows it to harmoniously fit into the appearance of the buildings where it is installed.

Communication capabilities: The inverter supports Internet connection, which allows remote monitoring and control of its operation.

Protection against hazards: Built-in protection systems help to protect the inverter and the devices connected to it from possible damage and short circuits.

Three-phase network support: The inverter works with a three-phase network, ensuring a stable power supply even in demanding conditions.

HUAWEI SUN2000-15KTL-M5 is an ideal choice for owners of medium and large solar energy systems who seek to maximize the use of solar energy and ensure stable and efficient energy supply.


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