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Deye SUN-6K-SG03LP1-EU

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Deye SUN-6K-SG03LP1-EU is a hybrid inverter with wide functionality, designed to create an energy-independent home. Thanks to its various modes of operation, it provides wide opportunities for use.

External network:

Energy is directed to the house’s own needs and storage batteries, and excess energy enters the external network. If the green tariff sale option is not available, the inverter compensates for its own consumption.

Working with the Accumulator:

The inverter can be connected to batteries, automatically synchronizing with their parameters. This ensures efficient use of batteries and optimal management of their charge.

Additional Power Port:

The inverter has a multi-functional power port that can serve as an input or output. It has three modes of use: generator, smart load and microinverter.

The inverter is equipped with a touch LCD display, which provides convenient system setting, control and statistics of operation, its efficiency and energy production.

The inverter is easily installed outdoors, as it has an IP65 protection level. The cooling system with three coolers ensures efficient and stable operation.


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