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Deye SUN-10K-SG04LP3-EU

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Deye SUN-10K-SG04LP3-EU hybrid inverter is ideal for creating a stable power supply system in an energy-independent house. This model is a flexible and multifunctional system for converting and accumulating solar energy, and for combining several energy sources.

A hybrid inverter is powered by solar panels, the grid, a generator, and a battery. When connected to solar panels, it performs the function of converting direct current into alternating current. To store energy, you can connect lead-acid or lithium batteries to the inverter. Unused electricity can not only be stored, but also sold at a “green tariff”.

Features and additional functions of the inverter:

• Compatible with lead-acid and lithium batteries.
• Suitable for systems with parallel connection of 3 inverters.
• Equipped with a convenient touch screen for controlling the operation and setting of the inverter.
• Equipped with a multi-functional power port that can be used as input and output.
• In UPS mode, it switches to the backup power source within 5 ms.
• Monitoring of operating parameters is available through a smartphone application, thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi module.
• Has IP65 protection class.


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