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Deye BOS-G HV kit 41 kW


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The Deye B0S-G 40.1kWh battery is a lithium-iron-phosphate battery with an impressive resource of more than 6000 charge/discharge cycles. Its characteristics make it an extremely reliable and efficient solution for electricity storage.

High performance: Capable of shallow charge and discharge, ensuring system efficiency. Self-discharge of less than 6 months without charging increases the convenience of operation.

Protection functions: Protection against over-discharge, over-charge, over-current. Reaction to excessively high or low temperature.

Automated control: Automatic charge/discharge control and balancing of current and voltage in each cell.

Scalability: Several battery modules can work in parallel, expanding the capacity and power of the system.

Update: Support USB and Wi-Fi update as well as remote update.

Wide operating temperature range: From -20°C to 55°C stable performance and long service life are ensured.

Easy installation and maintenance: The quick installation standard of the 19-inch built-in module makes it convenient for installation and maintenance.

This battery pack is characterized by a number of advantages, making it an ideal choice for reliable and stable electricity storage, taking into account high standards of safety and environmental cleanliness.


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